Intercommunion Partners of
The National Catholic Church of America (NCCA)

The National Catholic Church of America (NCCA) desires to enter into a Covenant of Intercommunion with affirming and inclusive churches of apostolic origin whose Presiding Bishops, with the consensus of their clergy and lay faithful, are willing to subscribe to the agreement articles given below.

This Covenant preserves the complete autonomy of each member church and its bishops, while allowing greater opportunities for ecumenical worship and ministry for each church. Interested Presiding Bishops should contact the Office of the Primate of the NCCA, either by telephone, email or USPS.

The articles of the Covenant are as follows:
  1. Each church welcomes the members of the other churches as brothers and sisters in the Lord and recognizes the valid apostolic lines of member churches.

  2. Each church invites the other churches to the celebration of the Lordís Supper and the sacraments of the historical Catholic community.

  3. The clergy of member churches are welcome to preside (by invitation) or concelebrate at the Eucharist of other member churches and to preach (by invitation) according to the specific practices of each church.

  4. Laity and clergy are encouraged to celebrate their lives and sacraments with one another as brothers and sisters bound in the love of Christ and to participate in joint ongoing educational and charitable works as witnesses to the Kingdom of Heaven.

  5. Incardination for clergy of one member church into another member church involves mutual consent of the Presiding Bishops of both churches and other provisions as required by each church according to its constitution and bylaws.

  6. If a member church should find itself without a bishop, the Presiding Bishops of the member churches (or their delegates) will assist in consecrating a bishop for that church, in accordance with its governing documents.
It is the fervent prayer of all the people of member churches that the blessings of this Covenant will inspire and nurture their love of the Risen Christ. May it also be a sign of the fulfillment of Christís hope that "they may all be one, as you, Father, are one in me and I am in you." (John 17:21)

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